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Toronto Journal of Theology

From an early age, she remembers having difficulty with the faith she discovered in her early conversion.

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These difficulties eventually led her, as similar difficulties with fundamentalist doctrines have led others, away from her childhood religion. These memories serve as fine examples of religious development, and provide a narrative sample of faith life. She further explores this theme in a chapter on the experience of other former fundamentalist evangelicals. Redkop offers a helpful summary of the history and growth of both the evangelical tradition and its fundamentalist counterpart.

She also illustrates the doctrines and practices of her own early beliefs by analyzing the hymns in number used in worship around the turn of the 19th Century. She quotes generously from these compositions that illustrate the basic tenets of the Mennonite Brethren creed.

This analysis, however, could have benefited in complexity and thoroughness if she had made use of one of the several textual analytical techniques readily available on line for such a task. However, she does not include the more esoteric areas that Marion bases on the work of Ken Wilber. Neufeld Redekop attempts to use Fowler and Marion as the basis for her own faith development theory illustrated by her disillusionment and then departure from fundamentalist evangelicalism. From my own small contact with the Mennonite community, this is an aspect of faith life in which they excel.

Her reflections on this process are well worth reading for their contribution to a personal understanding of this aspect of Christianity. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly community it serves. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Natural law, or autonomous human reason, reflected only man's fallen state, and the attempt by nonbelievers to create their own coherent interpretation of reality was doomed to failure. His interpretation of the Bible was nonetheless based on Common Sense Realism.

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Rushdoony took this notion farther, arguing that there could be no common ground between believers and nonbelievers. Then, while Van Til avoided the social and political consequences of presuppositionalism, Rushdoony did not. In the s he became an early advocate of home schooling, arguing that education was not theologically neutral, and the state had no business imposing its own truth and its own religion on the American populace.

Can’t Christians Just Admit Anne Frank is in Hell?

It is important to recognize that this rejection of Enlightenment epistemology is, in its incarnation in individual thought leaders among these groups, almost always concomitant with a rejection of post-modernism as well. This is, at first blush, ironic since both Van Til and the post-modernists agree both in the rejection of Enlightenment epistemology. What makes sense of this is the fact that Van Til influenced presuppositionalists reject modernist epistemology by a method which is just as much or more subject to the post-modern critique as the system they both reject; presuppositionalism amounts to a sort of fideism which responds to modern and post-modern observations, critique, and questions by the simple expedient of refusing to recognize their legitimacy.

The presuppositionalist claims to win all arguments by refusing to "see" anything which would undermine their central tenets with the result that they will only really entertain discourse with people who agree with their narrowly defined vision of reality. Conclusion to Part 2. Clearly there are some differences, the popularity of the new atheism and sort of banal nihilism as distinct from philosophically informed nihilism among America's online alt-right communities makes that abundantly clear.

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The Bible cannot be easily interpreted to allow for ethno-nationalism and, at the very least, presuppositionalim does include sufficient intellectual resources to argue against such a politics. Both Eco and Stanley and pretty much everyone else who has studied fascism point out that fascism establishes, or reinforces a mythologized past in which the "us" flourished.

Now, there can be some value in a national myth , so long as it is recognized as myth and not mistaken for an actual period in real history. A national myth which is known to be a-historical can be aspirational—a dream of what the nation hopes to become—and insofar as the aspirations are good, the myth will serve a good purpose. However when myth is mistaken for real history even good myth is going to corrupt; bad racist, bigoted, xenophobic, imperialist etc Contemporary US fascists use bad myth to feed their base supporters while using good-myth-mistaken-for-history as propaganda.

Specifically, the myth they feed their base is the myth of northern Europeans "heroically" dominating the continent and "properly" subjugating indigenous peoples they don't like to think of them as Americans and African people in the service of a white nation.

This myth minimizes all contributions and achievements of non-white and usually non-Protestant Christian people as often as possible. Of course the two myths are contradictory but that is entirely irrelevant to Fascists. Our sending song was number 54 from Sing the Journey, click on link and hear it:. Christ, be our light Shine in our hearts. Shine through the darkness. Christ, be our light Shine in your church gathered today.

But at least one study group of the church felt some disappointment. Even more, she was raised with prohibitions and inhibitions. One could only be saved by the power of the blood.

What does the word "apologetics" mean?

Dear Martin, it is so good to read about your life and to see you still going strong at 87, I am just nine years behind you and I too realize that life is going far to fast to suit me. But I am thankful for good health, for good memories, for good children and grandchildren who still love me and need me.

I hope that you continue to keep on writing. I look forward to your words.