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GLAMIRA Ring Coralie

Non-reflective finish with a linear brush texture. This type of finish reduces the reflectivity of the metal.

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A coarse finish with a grainy texture. It provides a special effect when used together with polished finish. Non-reflective finish with a vertical brush texture. It provides a chic look when used together with polished finish. If the options listed for this product on the page did not meet your requirements, you can fill in the form below and tell us how you would like to modify this design. Our design team will review your request and you will receive an approximate price range for your preference along with the instructions to proceed.

Please note that our Day Return Policy applies only to the products customised with the options originally listed on the product page. Custom designed products products with any additional modifications are not eligible for free resizing, refund or store credit. Choose Your Country. I am in love with this ring!

It is so pretty. My only issue is the size of the engraving, for some Ordered wedding rings, very satisfied with the finish look.

GLAMIRA Ring Coralie

Quick delivery Would defo order again I bought this to propose to my boyfriend with, I purchased it with the white Diamond, Onyx, and in Cookie Policy We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best possible experience when you visit our website. You haven't saved any items. You have no items in your shopping bag. Upload Image No File Chosen. Upload or drag and drop an image to search for similar products. Dimension Guide.

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Upload Your Photo. Upload Your Photo Close X. Customer Name. No file selected. Twitter username Optional. Instagram username Optional. Diamond Diamonds have been admired gemstones of desire since ancient times. Lemon Quartz Classified as a semi-precious stone, Lemon Quartz fascinates jewellery lovers with its fresh colour. It is mostly found in a colour range from a clear lemon to a very vivid yellow. Zultanite Classified as a semi-precious stone, Zultanite amazes with its unique colour-changing feature. Depending on the source of light and from different directions this very rare found gemstone is visible in different hues.

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Lime green in daylight and peach and cherry pink in dim light. Green Topaz Classified as a semi-precious stone, Green Topaz differs itself from the Blue Topaz with its green colour that is often associated with loyalty and love. It provides inner body peace, intellect and helps to solve problems and to get a good health. Green Sapphire Classified as a precious stone, Green Sapphire owns it special colour from light mint green to dark rich green through the presence of iron.

It is said that this rare gemstone is very soothing and that it calms the eyes and raises trust of the wearer. Orange Sapphire Classified as a precious stone, Orange Sapphire makes the heart of those loving the orange colour beat faster. Black Diamond Black Diamonds are the diamonds which have a different crystalline structure called as polycrystalline.

It means that it's kind of like many diamonds smashed together. Since it is totally pure carbon crystal in its structure, it is generally called as "Carbonado". However, technically they are diamonds which are even harder and more rare than white diamonds.

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  5. Pink Sapphire Classified as a precious stone, pink sapphire was considered extremely rare until new deposits were discovered in Madagascar, in the s. Pink is among the rarest colours for a sapphire. These stones can come in all sort of shades, from baby pink to vivid, intense magenta.