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I miss the old style of PvP from early 00's mmos where you had to voluntarily choose the pvp tag or play on a pvp server. That way people who wanted to play PvE could do so without being griefed constantly to a degree, there was still mob camping and whatnot. Are there any MMOs out there that don't have a problem with hacks? Not sure why people somehow think ED should be immune to hacks. Its a never ending war against the hackers. The devs stop a hack, the hackers make a new hack. The cycle goes on and on.

One thing that shields the game a bit from hackers is that its a niche game.

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The more popular the game, the more hackers will target it and the more hacks there will be. The bigger the game, the more time and effort the devs need to put in to preventing hacks and squishing them when they can.

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We actually had a good period last year, without any known hacks for around a year. After the last ban wave the hackers of the main hack went private, which limited its circulation and use.

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Spend some time reading the old hack forum its pretty dead now since the hackers went dark , but go read the mentality of these people. They have no shame and think they are entitled to cheat. One guy lost 10 accounts during a ban wave and his response "I suppose i should use the hack a bit less, its getting expensive". Noosebrother View Profile View Posts. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 24 May am. Go to the Top of the Volcano. Play the HOP S. Walk down and right. Go into the hut.

Freeze the bugs with the Power Card: Ice E. Use the arrow keys to move the frog over the lily pads to remove them K. The frog can jump over water, but not backtrack. Go to the Red Fields. Play the HOP N. Play the HOP U. You receive a RING. Remove some leaves from the willow B. Play the HOP C. Select the vines to make them grow across the gap; if a vine grows too fast you will need to start again G. Cross the vine bridge. Talk to the Harpy H. Play the HOP L. Find the tokens showing the two creatures that make up the hybrid creatures in the middle O.

Walk down and left.

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Go down and right. Go down and left. First, push the stones in the correct order until they all stay down W. Use the arrows to move the beetle to the top of the field X. The rows of runes will move each time you move the beetle; the beetle may only land on the white runes and not on the red ones. Go to Windmill Island. Open the door with the KEY H. Play the HOP I. You receive the TARP.

Walk down three times. Reassemble the tiara by attaching the pieces to piece 1 in the correct order. Walk forward twice. Play the HOP Y. Swap the discs to create a continuous maze E. Once the maze is complete, move the rose through the maze to the other side. Repeat the sequences Q.

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Solitary Source: Fox. The American show basically used torture to capture audiences and was a take on the German show, ProSieben. Contestants were kept in solitary pods for weeks after getting a final two-minute phone call. The show had an artificial intelligence named Val to give contestants instructions for tests. Contestants are also kept away from clocks, sunlight, or moonlight so they have no sense of time. Source: G4.

Binge eating and then throwing up are definitely signs of an eating disorder.

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But this show used both of these things to create a competition. The G4 game show had competitors eat competitively, then do athletic competitions. Of course all of this leads to competitors vomiting so the winner is the last person to vomit.