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That and the new Michael Connelly are the books I'm most looking forward to, though I am sure I will also read the new anthologies edited by Lawrence Block and Martin Edwards. Thank you, Lesa. At the moment, it's number one on my books for the year. But, I'll have to wait.

These are November releases after all. May I say how very, very excited I am about Donis Casey's new book? I am indeed. And the Elizabeth Berg book. Haven't read one of her in years. And Storm of Secrets - love the sound of that one. Do you know I've never read a book by Alan Eskens. Not sure why - pretty sure I own at least one. Putting that one on my list too. I love new books!

Kidnapped in Rome: A Daring Adventure: Book 9

Oh, and you asked about how I read the JD Robb books. A deservedly acclaimed read. Can he, his sister Meg and his friend Calvin free his dad in this sci-fi caper? This pacey spy thriller follows the fortunes of undercover agents, all aged between 10 and 17, who work for an organization called Cherub. The fantasy was concocted by Carroll on a riverboat trip as a way of amusing the three young daughters of a friend. The rest is history. While reading bedtime stories, Herb accidentally falls into a book and finds himself in a perilous adventure where he encounters all the characters from classic fairy tales.

Although you can enjoy the stories of Ratty, Mole, Badger and Toad in cartoons with young children, the novel is a more densely woven and evocative tale celebrating the countryside and companionship, better suited to older readers.

Escape from the Black Forest: A Daring Adventure: Book 8 by Peter Reese Doyle (eBook) - Lulu

President Roosevelt was a huge fan. Find out in a series of rhyming challenges. Funny, smart female-role-model stuff. Sophie and Mummy are having tea in the kitchen when a tiger arrives and decides to hang around a while, eating them out of house and home. Family, school, everyday events and language itself are explored in these magical verses. This bright and breezy picturebook stands squarely with the dreamers.

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Mishaps abound as the book reveals Strong as a master of quirky stories for young readers. As silly as it sounds. Allan Ahlberg and his wife met at teacher training college and created many quietly funny storybooks together before her death in The classics continue to enchant, including this detailed little book throughout which young readers are encouraged to find fairy tale and nursery characters on each page. In his letters home he tells his family all about his adventures. Great fun.

This was the first full-length novel in a series about a brother and sister and their crime-busting friends. Mr Big is strong and tough, but also a bit of a softy. However, everyone is too scared to come near him to discover this, so how can he show them his nice side? Fern has a pet pig named Wilbur and as he grows fatter, he eventually faces the destiny of all the pigs on the farm. However, with the help of a talking spider called Charlotte, Wilbur might be saved. This modern jewel follows an ordinary chap who finds his house demolished and the Earth destroyed in order to make way for a hyperspace bypass.

The original radio comedy format ensures a tight, pacy read as Dent is bounced around the universe. The relationship between the parent dogs and their puppies is lovingly explored and the search unfolds as a thrilling adventure. The author of the Mr Benn series has a talent for playful picturebooks that concisely express something of the quirks and contradictions of the human condition. Here, a powerful General is furious when his invading troops meet no resistance in the last unconquered territory and instead befriend its people.

Riley Mack and the Other Known Troublemakers

Three children who live in an orphanage under the uncaring custody of social workers and therapists decide to run away. Their escape is perilous, but when they meet a girl named Heaven Eyes, there seems to be some small hope in their otherwise bleak world. Almond at his thought-provoking best. In a community dominated by power and battles, a misfit Viking teenager rescues and befriends an injured dragon.

Can the two outsiders unite to be accepted and live happily? But one night, Star is not there and Fox must venture into the world alone and make new friends. A funny picturebook fable about two hapless amphibians. Not all picturebooks are for toddlers. Scottish poet and playwright Carol Ann Duffy created this darkly beautiful story for older children.

A witch steals all the happy endings to bedtime stories and one brave girl must save them.

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  • The Color of Your Heart.

Magical reading for any child with a restless spirit and a creative imagination. Nine-year-old Pippi lives all by herself with a horse, a monkey and a suitcase of gold coins. As a result, she confounds the village grown-ups and spends her days on wild and wacky adventures. When a pilot is forced to land his plane in the desert, he meets a mysterious little boy who tells him a series of fascinating and wise stories. This simple fable of imagination and compassion has been a treasure handed from parent to child for generations ever since it was first published 70 years ago.

Many authors address themes like the stresses of peer pressure and the threat of violence through fantasy writing.

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McGowan tackles these head-on in an account of a boy who unwillingly becomes ensnared in a local gang war. Intelligent and honest without being sensational, this is a serious work of bold fiction. Here, a young girl must follow her strong-headed brother down a dark tunnel, but when she emerges into a dark forest, she finds that Jack has been turned to stoneā€¦.

This is a beautiful picturebook celebration of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in which each declaration is illustrated by a different artist or illustrator. Ahlberg is a master of playful, smart stories for picturebook and storybook readers and this adventure is one of his more recent gems. This is the second in a series of fantasy thrillers published between and The adventures draw on Arthurian legends, and Celtic and Norse mythologies. A breathless yarn. However, during lessons at school, he realises that poetry could be the perfect channel for his feelings.

The rich and colourful illustrations in this book add to its nostalgic feel.

A little tin mouse and his son are accidentally broken and thrown away. Jim Hawkins finds a map and sets off on the Hispaniola on a dangerous quest with his friends.