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A collection of previously published Christmas e-novellas But when an English beauty has no… More. Shelve Christmas Brides. Meet the MacKay Banshees Katriona - Her last memory is of her violent death, and now she's screaming for vengeance.

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He's a Laird with enough sins to stain his soul, but he's cursed for the crimes o… More. For Virginia Traylor, Countess of Barrett, marriage was merely the vehicle to buy her father a title. Widowhood, however, brings a host of problems.

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Shelve The Dissolute Duke Wellinghams, 4. He always gets what he wants I've never been Mr. Signs are also posted at the exit. Sometimes one or more lanes may lead off the freeway. Freeway interchanges or exits have numbers that correspond to the distance from the beginning of the freeway. For example, interchange number on Highway is kilometres from Windsor, where the freeway begins. Distances can be calculated by subtracting one interchange number from another.

These signs change according to traffic conditions to give drivers current information on delays and lane closures ahead.

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Watch for these slow moving vehicles and reduce your speed as necessary. EDR signs are used during the unscheduled closure of a provincial highway when OPP detour all traffic off the highway. The EDR markers are located along alternative routes and provide direction to motorists around the closure and back onto the highway.

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This placard indicates a long commercial vehicle, which is a double trailer and can be up to 40 metres in length. It is important to be able to recognize an LCV on the highway, based on rear signage, and anticipate both the extended length and limited speed when preparing to pass one on the highway. Watch for these signs when driving in designated bilingual areas. Read the messages in the language you understand best.

Bilingual messages may be together on the same sign or separate, with an English sign immediately followed by a French sign. The Ministry of Transportation strives to be a world leader in moving people and goods safely, efficiently and sustainably to support a globally competitive economy and a high quality of life. Skip to main content. Here are some of the many signs you will see on Ontario roads: A stop sign is eight-sided and has a red background with white letters. Regulatory signs These signs give a direction that must be obeyed.

Here are some common regulatory signs: This road is an official bicycle route. You may park in the area between the signs during the times posted. Snowmobiles may use this road. Do not enter this road. Do not turn left at the intersection. Do not drive through the intersection. Do not turn to go in the opposite direction. U-turn Do not turn right when facing a red light at the intersection. Do not turn left during the times shown. This parking space is only for vehicles displaying a valid Accessible Parking Permit.

No bicycles allowed on this road. No pedestrians allowed on this road.

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Keep to the right of the traffic island. Speed limit changes ahead. Do not pass on this road. Slow traffic on multi-lane roads must keep right. Stop for school bus when signals are flashing. Traffic may travel in one direction only. This is a pedestrian crossover. Be prepared to stop and yield right-of-way to pedestrians. This sign, above the road or on the ground, means the lane is only for two-way left turns. Road forks to the right. High Occupancy Vehicle HOV signs Only public vehicles such as buses, or passenger vehicles carrying a specified minimum number of passengers, may use this lane.

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Vehicles cannot change lanes into or out of a high-occupancy vehicle lane in this area. Warning signs These signs warn of dangerous or unusual conditions ahead such as a curve, turn, dip or sideroad. Here are some common warning signs: Narrow bridge ahead. Road branching off ahead. Intersection ahead. The arrow shows which direction of traffic has the right-of-way. Drivers on the sideroad at the intersection ahead don't have a clear view of traffic. Pavement narrows ahead. Slight bend or curve in the road ahead.

Regulatory signs

Posted under a curve warning, this sign shows the maximum safe speed for the curve. Sharp bend or turn in the road ahead. Chevron arrowhead signs are posted in groups to guide drivers around sharp curves in the road. Winding road ahead. The bridge ahead lifts or swings to let boats pass. Paved surface ends ahead. Bicycle crossing ahead. Stop sign ahead. Slow down. Share the road with oncoming traffic. Pavement is slippery when wet.

Slow down and drive with caution. Traffic lights ahead. Steep hill ahead. You may need to use a lower gear.


Snowmobiles cross this road. Good name for an apartment block.. Yeah me too. And the only way out is to fall to your death or be burned. What a bloody mess of a film. All the tennants are emotionless and stilted , and to be honest:who cares if they burn.