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Draft Latte
Roasting your own Coffee at Home

Each month we feature a different coffee at a special price. This is a perfect opportunity to try something new at a discounted price. Check back often to see our latest discounts. The Excellent Cup N. Milwaukee, WI sales theexcellentcup.

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We only offer the best premium beans, picked at the correct times, and roasted in an artisanal manner. You can be assured that you will be getting the best coffee possible. Since our current technology hasn't yet developed a transporter capable of instant materialization, I must rely on simpler methods to provide you with the coffee you need. The easiest way to receive the latest roasts is via direct delivery.

At the beginning of each week, I will post a menu of the coffees I'm going to roast. Simply send in your order via the website, Facebook page, email, or text, along with a way to best contact you by the middle of the week. I will roast your coffee and have it ready to deliver by the weekend.

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I'll contact you to arrange delivery and then deliver it to you directly, most likely on Saturday. It's that simple! As an added service, I offer label customizations for coffee that you may want to give as gifts or promotions from your business or organization. Contact me to discuss the design of your custom label, and I will send you a quote for the order. Together, we will make it happen, and your recipients will be delighted with a stellar bag of coffee.

Do you have an event coming up that requires great coffee?

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I can make that happen, too! Simply contact me with the details of your event and what you need to entertain those in attendance.

La Colombe | Fresh Roasted Coffee, and the First-Ever Draft Latte – La Colombe Coffee Roasters

I can provide the coffee you need and set up a brewing station for you to operate, or I can be there in person to brew coffee for your guests. Whether you need hot coffee, iced coffees, homemade syrups with flavors you choose, or homemade biscotti, I can accommodate the needs of your event. Contact me to discuss your event, be it a wedding, birthday party, or block party.

Make your event one to remember with great coffee service. I have made a name for my coffee by setting up my coffee booth with much help from my family and friends at the Shreveport Farmers Market and serving coffee and iced drinks directly to the public.

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  • In fact, my coffee booth made its first appearance at the Texas Avenue Makers Fair back in the spring of Come by and see us at the Shreveport Farmers Market this summer, and I'll keep you posted on where you can find our booth via this website. I'm no Luddite. Modernity demands that you leverage all the tools to communicate with your clientele.


    Here you can find useful educational information about coffee and roasting. There's no lie in her fire. Not the name of a new sneaker. But it should be. I'd wear those. Check out the coffee offerings of the week, email us your order, and I'll hand delivery your coffee to your door.

    Each week or so, I'll post what coffees I'm roasting this week, and what roast levels City, Vienna, French, etc. Once I have your contact information and order, I'll drive to you over the weekend and give you your coffee, cash on delivery.

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    • Lost Sheep Coffee, Sulawesi ~ Toraja coffee: £9.95 for 250g, Lost Sheep Coffee.
    • Of course, tips are always welcomed. We make it simple for you to enjoy Kern Has Coffee. Thanks, everyone!. We're proud of this offering and we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do. This coffee inspired the saying Select options Sale! Orleans Coffee Insulated Tumbler It's new and beautiful! Our very own beautiful 16oz travel mug is insulated and can be used with or without the straw included. It has a slider that closes when the straw is not in place.

      There's no better way to have your hot or cold coffee.

      Real Monks, Real Good Coffee!

      Select options Pumpkin Creme Brulee Decaf Pumpkin spice with creamy vanilla custard make this coffee an Select options. Roasted Coffees. Pure American Chicory Chicory can be used alone or blended with your favorite coffee. Select options Pure French Chicory Chicory is the roasted and ground root of the cultivated plant species Select options Brazil Decaf This decaf is mild and nutty. This is a fine choice for those who must A perfect morning cup.