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In one more minute! The day of the sentence, it was different. I watched it on English television. And never, ever show [remorse].

Josh Holloway on Conan O'Brien

Well, they do go insane eventually—but not soon enough. It is a paradox of evil that stretches back at least as far as Socrates, who opined in one of his dialogues that no one commits evil knowing they are doing wrong—evildoers think they are doing the right thing. She earned her steely attitude toward Karadzic the hard way: In researching the novel, she spent years hearing the stories of his victims and survivors.

Eleven thousand five hundred and forty one red chairs were set out on the main street in the city—each one empty—one for every Sarajevan killed during the siege. Or does the person become like that? I think he calculated that. They do not have the [remorse] gene. And there was this formerly strutting man, you know, the soldier of great size.

Long black garb, a pendant, crystals. But he knew time was running out. Because [Serbian President Slobodan] Milosevic, they all wanted to be part of the European Union [which had made the capture of war criminals a condition]. He was right in [the Serbian capital] Belgrade, every night in his favorite bars, singing to this gusla [a Balkan stringed instrument] that they played with.

There were photographs of him in his warrior mode on the wall behind him. A stranger represents hope rather than danger. A stranger represents, to some, a romance. So once I had that little nugget of inspiration, I knew all it needed was hard work. And a love of research. The research sent her not only to The Hague but back to her origins in the wild, wind-swept counties of western Ireland, where she had grown up amid a sense of wonder.

And which had cast her out as a stranger. Clergy denounced her from the pulpit, the populace treated her like a wicked, sinful pariah. She became a literary star in London, and her career now spans some two dozen novels and short story collections, five plays and two collections of poetry, as well as four nonfiction books.

One, a biography of the rogue poet Lord Byron, could be described as a thrilling hymn to the peaks and perils of the Romantic life. Another was a biography of James Joyce, who left Ireland forever in his early 20s and wrote about it the rest of his life. No wonder the identification with refugees, exiles and migrants in the new novel. The child of a gipsy family, who lived in a caravan by the sea, swore she saw the Pooka Man coming through the window at her, pointing a hatchet. The Pooka Man is a creature of Irish folklore who can be a precursor of terrible tidings.

Or sometimes a reversal in fortune for the better—but not often when he has a hatchet in his hand. To have something other in them, which for want of another word, we can call supernatural.

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And we loved telling them. It was like reading Edgar Allan Poe. There was thrill and terror combined. And then there was a local witch, Biddy Early. Out of a blue bottle. She said [the poet W. She was dead when I came to know of her, but she was a legend. She was about three miles from where I lived, and Biddy Early could put curses on people, especially the clergy, because the clergy hated her.

I would have loved to have met Biddy Early.

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To this day, they talk about her. She left the blue bottle somewhere. Irish mythology and early Irish stories always have—as if it was totally natural and inevitable—elements of the supernatural, transformations and miracles. That was in my DNA. Laing believed madness was truth-speaking about a mad world. Laing, whom I was seeing as a patient.

Rachel O'Brien

I was also, as is not uncommon, a little smitten with him. He was quite a beguiling man. He was also nuts. I had to laugh, she said it with such charming nonchalance. So I asked him to give me LSD. When I asked him, it was more to be, if you like, privy with him, or in with him than about my writing. To his great credit, he gave me [testimonies] of four people who had had very bad LSD trips.

He watched over me. So he gave it to me, quite a lot, in a glass.

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And I began to feel a bit wobbly. I said to him, I have been told that if you hold my hand, I will be all right.

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And at that moment, he turned into a rat in a suit! Once again, a loss of home, if not a loss of mind. In fact, in her memoir, she describes some fairly terrifying flashbacks. There is this raveled deluge of feeling, image, of impression, of bawdiness, of anger that all came cascading in. So this more charged, slightly berserk vision And here it is again in this new book. It takes you to places of pain, personal and historical, that can feel like bad flashbacks.

I persevered.

And maybe I got even more—more precise and in another sense, more wild. One of the most surprising things she told me about the writing of the book is that she sent some chapters to Philip Roth while she was working on it. But when Roth professed his dissatisfaction with one of her chapters, she cut him off. She knew what she wanted. And who was he to say he knew better? Especially those about women. One reason I think she is to be valued is that she is able to write about love and its aftermath of sadness, while what we get most from Roth is not love at all, but sex and the aftermath of hatred.

She is more complete. How utterly impossible, it is, in hate or in friendship, to fully know another person.

James T. Kirk

The constant shuffling of change, and through everything the paradox of ambiguity. We know a version of them. And we know the facts. Because in literature, in Zola, or Flaubert, or all the Russians, we know people inside out. We know Natasha. We know the wonderful Pierre.

We know them far better than we know [real] people. Do we know whether she is in love with Vronsky when she betrays her husband?