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Extraordinary: The Life You're Meant to Live

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Life Entrepreneurs: Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Lives - PDF Free Download

Carolyn Taylor Petroski. John Lowstreet. Daniel Hudson. Prudence Ramos. Not smart. I became so immersed in the characters and story that time stopped; I was not in Oregon, I was in Russia though I ran down to the kitchen now and again for more coffee. That whole long night seemed to pass in an hour. Towards the end of the book, tears ran down my cheeks; I was moved and overwhelmed that a book could be so powerful.

It took me through all the troubles and questions of my own young life. At that moment, a tiny, quavering voice in me whispered, I want to be able to do that. I want to be a writer. It would be years before that voice led me to the desk. Tommy Aristophanos struggles with epilepsy and you have lived with epilepsy yourself. Did you intend to communicate a specific message about this condition to readers? This is my first novel with an epileptic main character.

It has taken me years to be able to write about it. The epileptic—whether Tommy, Van Gogh, or Dostoevski—is never fully in control. At any instant, without warning, we can be seized and thrown to the floor through no fault of our own. We can neither control our seizures, nor predict their coming. I suppose my message is that though we can never fully control our fate we can decide how we cope with it. This is no new message in literature but one of its most enduring themes.

Many epileptics experience a distortion of reality in vivid auras before their seizures, wherein we may hear celestial music or experience the sensation of stepping out of our bodies or macropsia and micropsia, as Lewis Carroll did—the world seeming to shrink or magnify around him—as does his Alice in Wonderland.

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  8. Reality distorts before a fit and remains distorted after. Which of his experiences and fellow characters are real, which figments of his spell visions? We never know. They want to make their own way in the world and live by their own rules. Maybe it goes back to growing up in Oregon in the fifties and sixties. They might work as lawyers, doctors or preachers, but deep down they were oddballs. How have these experiences influenced your writing career?

    This book will be essential reading for anyone involved in managing or leading practice either in the front line or at a more strategic level. It will be useful to post-qualifying social work students and is particularly valuable to anyone following a management training programme.

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    Abstract Social Care Management, Strategy and Business Planning is a comprehensive guide to strategic social care management, covering all the knowledge and skills that managers in the 21st century must have, and showing how to make theory a practical reality.