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I would rate it a healthy PG. There was plenty left to the imagination, but Marcia Lynn McClure 's descriptive ability is sure to leave the reader breathless with expectation. I highly recommend reading this one, ladies. It's made its way on to my 'favorite's' shelf, and will remain there indefinitely. I know I will be revisiting this fascinating tale of love.

I have no doubt that Marcia Lynn McClure 's other books are just as amazing. I look forward to reading more of her work.

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Nov 09, Zette rated it it was amazing. My favorite MLM book so far! Cassidy is a 17 year old girl who is unaware that she has been promised in marriage to a man she has never met. Mason shows up at her home and turns her world upside down.

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She is taken away from all she knows and holds dear and must learn to be happy in a totally new life. The romantic tension is what sets this book apart from other romances and there is plenty of it! Although Mason is angry and moody, there are glimpses throughout the book of his teasing and gentle My favorite MLM book so far! Although Mason is angry and moody, there are glimpses throughout the book of his teasing and gentle side which causes you to fall in love with him. Cassidy is a likeable, innocent girl that tends to be either angry at Mason or crying because of his treatment of her.

She is insecure about whether Mason will ever be able to really love her and a lot of the misunderstandings between them are because of her interpretations of his actions to try and show her that he cares. I think that was the only thing that was a bit overdone in the book but I kept telling myself that this girl was so young and inexperienced that maybe it would take her a lot longer to see what was right in front of her.

There is a little mystery woven in and a slight twist at the end to add some flavor to the story. Oct 03, Gigi Williams rated it it was amazing.

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I have never read such a story that moved my very soul as this one. I had no expectations when I started. I hadn't even read the description. This story has quite changed me. I found myself unhealthly engrossed in the tension between these two characters. Why this has not made it to the screen is beyond me.

I found it disturbing, heart wrenching, and most beautifully divine. The characters are written with such intimate detail, it was quite astounding. The secrets that bound these two fated hear I have never read such a story that moved my very soul as this one.

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The secrets that bound these two fated hearts together are the same that threaten their very existence. Never, has honor been so dutifully portrayed between two souls before. As Mason felt honor, I felt honor. As Cassidy felt alone, unloved, and forsaken, I felt the same. I loved LaMont, as Dove loved LaMont, and felt utter heartbreak in that same moment, as they all did.

This is most assuredly the most divine love story my eyes have ever fell upon. Most thankful, Ms. Feb 11, Aingean rated it it was ok. The thing that draws me to books most is the characters. Though I did adore Masons parents both Mason and Cassidy were both good examples of why I rarely read books with teenaged main characters.

Cassidy is always in tears over something, she seemed to have very little backbone to even out her emotional over load. Mason on the other hand seems excessively angry and his supposed control over it is very little in written evidence. Though as a married woman I do bicker with my spouse on occasion bu The thing that draws me to books most is the characters. Though as a married woman I do bicker with my spouse on occasion but these two are constantly fighting with each other. I am not sure how anyone can fall in love almost instantly and in such conditions. Other then my dislike of the main characters the story is decent.

I can honestly say I wasn't sure where the story was going and how it would all play out in some aspects. Others were easy to foresee. Not the best book I have ever read but not the worst either. Jul 01, Teya Peck rated it it was amazing. Loved it! I have a hard time with this book.

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I noticed it more the second time. I think it's the way it's written and if I'm right about that then it's perfect. I feel so frustrated because nobody explains anything till the end. You figure moat of it out right with her if not before. It adds to the intensity of this book.

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I love it, yes because it all comes together in that happy feel good, whew moment. Infill then you want to pull your hair out and shout would someone just explain. Well written Loved it! Well written in that aspect of hanging on and suspense intensity. I want to reach into the book and slap somebody. Then all the sudden when you can't take it another second, there and breathe. Feb 22, Sarah rated it did not like it Shelves: clean-romance. I love clean romance, but despise romance were the characters spend most of the book yelling and screaming at each other just to decide that they've been in love the whole time.

I don't like leading men who treat the leading lady with anger and disdain, and I think it's possible to write a passionate, clean romance that doesn't include so much angst. Apr 02, Maddie rated it it was ok. Let's just say that I got pretty annoyed with Cassidy's character. The story seemed to drag on and on.

Mason was a total brute! Both of them were seriously getting on my nerves!! The ending is so not what I was expecting, so I was not satisfied with it either. This has to be my least favorite of Marcia's books. Dec 13, Heather rated it it was amazing Shelves: to-read-again , marcialynnmcclure , own , lds-author , tortured-hero , marriage-of-convenience , swoon-worthy-heroes , special-favorites , clean , historical-romance.

Marcia can write a brooding, jealous, passionate man like no one else, and I just ate it up!

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  7. I loved the mystery of the story and why they were promised to each other. I just loved it!!!! Apr 23, mary Ethington rated it it was amazing. Again, I loved this book. This is my other favorite from this author. I read this book and then re-read parts because it was easy to visualize what was happening and again, even though this is a clean book, you feel giddy for the girl. Jul 16, Kellie Shotwell rated it really liked it.

    I just finished this one and true to Marcia Lynn's form, she didn't disappoint me! These books are hard for me to put down and I do have to complain that I do lack sleep until I get finished with one! Apr 13, Runrachel rated it it was amazing. This is a wonderful story about a handsome man and a sweet girl who falls in love.. Its written in such a way that you can see it Apr 30, Stephanie rated it it was amazing.

    This is my Favorite book by McClure!! It is probably my most favorite book I've read just for fun.

    She is a great clean romance novelist!! Everyone i've recommended it to has loved loved loved it.