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Visualising this data in a Sunburst we can measure the greater or lesser presence of an activity compared to others. This is a useful way of identifying the activities with the largest presence, discovering opportunities for less represented activities and getting to know the initiatives we would like to collaborate with.

The Creative Community Fellows Program

This research is by nature in constant evolution. You can help us by filling in the form for the initiatives you know of. We hope you find this useful! Since we launched this web visualisation we have collaborated with other cities to visualise their local creative communities.


If you would like to use our tool in your city, contact us and we will get started! If you would not like to appear, contact us at limerick [at] creativos.

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  2. The Politics of Public Deliberation: Citizen Engagement and Interest Advocacy.
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  4. Living Labs Meet the Social & Creative Community – OpenLivingLab Days !

Web It can be your own website or an external link. Email You will need this email address to edit your details, but the address will not be published. Select up to five categories.

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Architecture Architecture. Urban Development. Urban Planning. Performing Arts Circus. Theatre School.

Creative Community Fellows

Set Design. Visual Arts Craft. Comic Strips. Street Art and Graffitti.

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Audiovisual Production. Design Interior Design. Fashion Design. Product Design. Exhibition Design.

#CreativesInLimerick | Visualising the local creative community

Graphic Design. Industrial Design. Textile Design. Web Design. Related Industries Cultural Administration. Event Organizers. The Creative Community is designed to evolve organically, as its unique ability to adapt to any purpose will enable year round use of the built environment to cater for regular changes in its occupancy.

This will all be actively fused together with year-round place management and event activations.

Contributing to the Creative Community

An exciting year round programme of events and activities will drive visitor footfall to d3 and increase international appreciation for regional creative talent. We quickly established that one of the key ingredients for a flourishing design scene, that will grow as people inhabit the area, is affordable space designed to inspire creativity.

Approaching the brief, our first step was to explore the balance of activities in a successful, youthful, creative hub, and to understand the aspirations of the different users. We analysed the way that spaces were being used, and then brought a variety of functions together to encourage collaboration between disciplines. This, combined with the highly flexible modules, will help to create a thriving, self-sustaining community.

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